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Sheet Music for Players

For ease of changing sets and music, Lockyer Valley Celtic Pipe Band uses Dropbox to share their files. This way we can share files in music writing programs like PiobMaster and Celtic Pipes. The sets are then outlaid below so members know what order the music is to be played in and how to arrange their folders. It doesn't cost anything and you don't even have to sign up, just click the link below and you will be able to access the files.

The Dropbox link is : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/artf2sqho7h5bzh/AAD0MSK2MkDADPfUkycgC3lWa?dl=0

Current sets

The current sets are as follows:

  • Massed Band Tunes

    • Marie's Wedding/Scotland The Brave (reversed on purpose)

    • Hundred Pipers/Bonnie Dundee

    • Cock O' The North

  • Marches

    • 6/8s

      • Bonawe Highlanders/Angus McKinnon

      • Farewell to the Creeks/Cock 'o' the North

    • 4/4s & 2/4

      • Monster in the Pond

      • Father John MacMillan of Barra

  • MSR #1

    • Father John MacMillan of Barra

    • Dorrator Bridge

    • Lt Col DJS Murray

  • MSR #2 (current)

    • PM Willie Gray's Farewell to the Glasgow Police

    • Heilan Harry

    • Brown Haired Maid

  • Medley

    • MacPherson Lament March

    • Smoke In The Chimney

    • Atholl Highlanders (Jig)

    • Iona (partial)

    • Maids 'o' the Black Glen

    • Lexie MacAskill (round)

    • Alexander Clark (revised 4th part)

  • Irish set

    • Star of County Down

    • Whiskey in the Jar

  • Isle of Man Set

    • Ellan Vannin

    • Smoke in the Chimney

    • Last Tango in Harris

    • Glasgow City Police Pipers

If you have any files you would like to share with us you can do so below via the Dropbox app

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